Disco Puppet discusses his temporal interests

Matter + Form

The Bengaluru producer Disco Puppet’s latest offering is a pensive statement about the inner workings of our minds. With every release, Shoumik Biswas has increased his arsenal of elements and instruments that add up to his intentionally slick aesthetic. By creating a sense of space and situation with ricocheting sound and altered vocals, his music is weirder, darker and more artful than ever before.

We caught up with him after the launch of Princess This, to find out what makes him tick:

5 words you love hearing

Love, Degenerate, Floopy, Oblivious, Carnivore

4 things you never leave home without

My pet goat, a Swiss army knife that is really just a twig, the ability to spontaneously combust and my perpetually empty wallet.

3 songs that you keep coming back to

Hoirong – Lakhan B Side: The Internal Correspondences of Hoirong
Little Dragon – Cat Rider
The Beatles – Taxman

2 things you wish didn’t exist

Religion and Chhota Bheem.

1 way to stay creative

I just like to keep finding where I’m coming from. And keeping in mind everything I know, have seen or heard. I try to be aware of all of it.

Images by Disco Puppet.

Published as part of our 5 To 1 series.

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