Latika Nehra describes the tricky life of an artist

Matter + Form

What do you notice most about the quiet moments in between daily routines?

For Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Latika Nehra, her art seems to be a snapshot of transience. Using her surroundings and life as a rich garden of inspirations, she builds a world which is entirely her own. When gazing at her collection of work, two things are apparent: Firstly, how beautifully lush and intricate the elements are. Secondly, the sheer amount of talent displayed in her distinct style. Her compositions embody a certain purity, making them extremely expressive and magnetic while simultaneously delicate.

We caught up with her to talk about her inspirations, and to find out what makes her tick:

Painting by Latika Nehra

5 tools that are important for your craft

Observation, Empathy, Spontaneity, Paints and Adobe Photoshop.

4 words you hate hearing in a brief

It’s a low budget.

3 objects on your desk

My mac plugged into my speakers, my diary with some concept scribbles and some dry plants or flowers.

2 projects that took too long to finish

Houses of Goa and my current portrait series.

1 thing you never tire of


Embroidery Art by Latika Nehra
Sustainability Through Handwork by Latika Nehra

Published as part of our 5 To 1 series.

Images by Lailum.

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