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Matter + Form looks to showcase imaginative content from people across the Indian subcontinent. All our content is deep-rooted in exploration, creativity, innovation and discovery, covering a disparate array of topics. We try to keep our stories varied and balanced, with thoughtful and relevant narratives. If you have an idea for a post or would like to share your work, write to us:

Stories we are looking for include:
\\ Profiles of creative individuals from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
\\ Features on creative projects and endeavors, as well as the experiences, processes and inspirations that led to them
\\ Cultural Analyses that foster discourse on creativity
\\ Photo-Essays that go behind the scenes to uncover creative spaces, ethos and ways of working


We only feature original and unpublished work and this also includes work that has been published in print and online. We do not publish poetry or works of fiction.

Send us an email with "Pitch" in the subject line. Please include a short paragraph about who you are and where you are based, as well as links to previously published work if any. We will review your idea, and if we feel that it is suited to Matter + Form then we'll be sure to get in touch.

Creative Professionals:

We welcome project-based submissions from musicians, filmmakers, photographers, animators, makers and other creators. If you'd like to be featured by our publication, tell us your story.

Send us an email with "Submission" in the subject line. Please include a short biography, as well as links to your work with supporting imagery or video. Every submission is carefully considered, however due to volume we are unable to respond personally.